iCal forgets about me!


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Jan 25, 2004
Inglaterra, Europa
All was going fine with iCal, with all my boring events pinging up reminders when I asked for them. Recently, there was a bit of a lightning storm and all the fusues went, so I plugged the eMac into the only working socket. All was good, but the eMac thought it was 1975. Once I had an internet connection working again, I synched up the time. All seemed fine, except iCal still has problems.

I know it works on the 24 hour clock, but if I have an event planned for say, 11:00, and get it to remind me at 10:30, it just won't. Stranegly, it sometimes pops up at say, 10:30 at night (which is odd, since iCal uses the 24hr clock). Any suggestions how I can get reminders working again? I've repaired permissions etc. Thanks


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Jan 19, 2005
my powerbooks battery died a few weeks ago, when i plugged it back in and booted it up it also said it was like 1970-something. i dont use iCal very much, so not sure if that was affected, but pretty weird