Ice Creme M iPod scratch remover

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    Link: Ice Creme M iPod scratch remover
    Description:: RadTech’s Ice Creme M is an amazing polishing compound that removed even the deepest of my iPods scratches and restored a “like new” smoothness to the device. While a good amount of elbow grease and time is required to get perfect results, it was well worth the effort. Coming in at $25.95, the product ships with enough of the polishing compound to restore a half dozen or more iPods. It can also be used on other portable devices such as PSP’s, iBooks, PDA’s, etc. Pretty much anything with an acrylic surface. If you are a gadget-freak like me, odds are you own about 3 or 4 products that could benefit from Ice Creme’s restorative powers.

    Rating: 9 out of 10

    Price: $25.95

    Pros: Works as advertised, even deep scratches can be removed with enough time, works on a variety of devices, not just iPods

    Cons: Can be a little tricky to get good results if your scratch is located right around the click wheel.

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