iChat file transfer problems?


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Feb 21, 2002
I can send and receive files with some people but not with others, what is the deal. By the way, everyone I try and send a file to has the firewall disabled. Does anyone know how to fix this annoyance?


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Jul 25, 2002
Louisville, KY
File transfer problems are one of the many things that need fixing with iChat. I can only send and recieve files from people using iChat. The problem happens with every Mac user I know. As long as we all use iChat, we can send and recieve files, but once someone switches to Adium or AIM, we can no longer interact with files. I was hoping 10.2.2 would fix it, but it hasn't, for me at least.


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Jun 28, 2002
North Central Colorado
I'm using iChat both at home and work, and the other machines in our office are all PC's with AIM. I pass out files to all of our employees using iChat and them to me with AIM, and we have only one problem - sometimes when I send out a file (not every time), the receiving computer does not say anything about an incoming file to accept or reject. But that's only maybe 10% of the time. Otherwise, I've been pleased so far. Maybe this upgrade to 10.2.2 tonight will help fix that bug.


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Nov 9, 2002
East Bay, CA
I have had similar problems to each of the above stated. When I have trouble I find it helps to drag the file over a name in the Buddy List. This has worked every time since I started several days ago.

Hope this helps,
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