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Aug 9, 2002
So i have been using iChat... in general I love it, but it seems a little... lacking. I do think its better than the AIM client for OSX, but the following features were overlooked that i think must be inserted:
1. An option of a time stamp on every message
2. If you have an IM window open with someone and they log off it should tell you they logged off.
3. If you mouse over someones name in the buddy list it should tell you how long they have been online, away, or whatever.
4. You should be able to add yourself to your buddy list
5. Text colors for the user seem to be client side only? (if this is true it needs fixing for sure).
6. Right clicking iChat in the dock should give you more options.

Now that i have covered what i don't like, here are some things I do like.
1. It is graphically appealing (even though i didnt expect to like it)
2. You can change the way people are named on your buddy list, like you can in ICQ.
3. You can send messages while away, and not have your away status removed.
4. When someone sends you a file instead of querying you it posts a link to that file.
5. Buddy icons seem useful now, in AIM i thought they were just annoying.
6. If someone is using colors you don't like you can do a client-side override.
7. iChat can automatically save your IM and Chat logs for you.


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Aug 9, 2002
Oh and one more thing. I love the MSWord-like spellcheck, but you should be able to program it to some degree. (For example you should be able to tell it to automatically change "dont" into "don't")


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Jun 25, 2001
Moneyapolis, Minnesota
i would like more profile/info support...and animated gifs for buddy icons would be a nice extra support

i wish it would leave peoples' away messages instead of putting them idle after a while...if they are away then they are not "idle"


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Jul 16, 2002
Salt Lake City, UT
I love iChat, but.....

Where is the MSN Instant Messanger support? Is it just too hard to get Microsoft to support third party software? Many of my friends use the MSN Instant Messanger, but I want to talk to them with iChat! Oh well, guess I'll have to convert them to AIM...:(


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Jul 22, 2002
My iChat gripes in additon to the above:
1) Logging off shouldn't lock out IM windows
2) Closing Direct IM's shouldn't lock out IM windows
3) Away Message doesn't auto send
4) No groups: everyone is mashed into "Buddies"

PS: a good M$N substitute is Fire, if you don't want to put up with M$N