iCloud Drive, Files app and file security options

Discussion in 'iOS 11' started by betabeta, Jun 29, 2017.

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    Jun 28, 2013
    Right now every app you allow to access iCloud Drive has full access to all files in iCloud Drive, so I’ve always been pretty selective on what apps can use iCloud Drive. And mostly use the share feature to add to iCloud Drive.

    But I think Privacy/Security needs to be more clear, right now some probably don’t know the difference between iCloud Drive and allowing apps to just use iCloud, and Apple doesn’t make that very clear. Now by adding the Apple Files app to the mix makes it even less clear.

    There should be very clear options for all apps, like
    Allow app to read/write all files on iCloud Drive.
    Allow app write only access to iCloud Drive.
    Of course
    Allow app to use iCloud (which is separate from iCloud Drive.)

    A nice addition would be File and Folder level Touch ID security, so I could say secure all my files in a Numbers or Pages subfolder or any app folder or file for that matter. So no other apps could access without my unlocking it, so when an app tries to open it, you would have to use Touch ID before it opens.

    I always liked Apple due to the fact it was always leaning toward security over usability, it’s becoming less and less clear just what an app has access to and what they can do with that access.
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