Icloud: how to prevent loss of info or duplicate backup

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    Dec 4, 2011
    I am a new user of iphone 4s. I have a windows 7 pc. Presently I sync my iphone with itunes. Doing so, I back up my notes and contacts to microsoft outlook, and I synced some of my photos from my computer into my iphone. Of course I synced my music into my iphone.

    I have heard that in some circumstances, syncing with icloud could result in one losing their information and in other circumstances doubling say their contacts or notes. If this is so, what causes these problems and how can one avoid them.

    I think part of the solution is to remove notes and contacts from being synced by itunes before starting icloud but I am not sure.

    I just laboriously saved over 1000 contacts from palm format to iphone, and ditto with over 1000 palm memos to iphone notes. A horribly laborious process. I definately don't want to risk losing this info. Thanks for any feedback!
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    Jul 6, 2011
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    Yes, using iCloud to sync contacts can create a disaster. My advice is to sync them ONLY with iTunes set to sync contacts with Outlook checked. Also make sure Verizon's Backup doesn't sync your contacts. Disable that backup entirely, if you can. Creates many problems.

    Triple syncs on contacts will destory them. I know from experience!

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