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Jun 10, 2011
So, ive had my iphone 4s for a few weeks now. For some reason in my contacts i have 2 and 3 contacts for each contact. Last night i edited some contacts on my macbook pro and it edits one of the contact for "Liz" but there are 2 others that remain unchanged. I did the merge duplicates on the mac but i still have multiple contacts. The only way i can make it more tollerable is to go to the groups button on my iphone and select "All From My Mac".

Why is this so difficult? I thought this icloud syncing would be so genious but it is proving to be nothing more than irritating.

Is this how everyone elses is working or am i not doing something? This is irritating because when you want to call or email someone and it pulls up the contact that is not the main contact you use.

Also when syncing if say change the picture on someone's contact right now, when will it sync up to my mac. When i walk connect to my home wifi? or when i sync to itunes? In itunes i have contacts set to sync through icloud.

Last question. I had this problem with gmail syncing on my blackberry and could never figure it out. If the phone and computer are syncing with each other which one is dominant? Meaning, if i delete a contact on my phone and then my phone syncs to the computer it pulls in the contact i just deleted back into my phone. Shouldnt this work more easily? I just want to edit something on my phone and it to be the same on my computer and vice verse.


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Nov 19, 2011
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Equally frustrated

I, too, hate this. I have contacts on my computer from years ago, but I don't want them on my phone. Then, duplicate contacts will appear on my phone, often with different entries for phone, email, etc. Of course, the most up to date info was on my phone and with numerous entries now, I don't know which one anymore!

Is there some way to dictate which folder icloud or any contact syncing uses on my computer?
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