icons on desktop - installing software


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Dec 31, 2005
Newport - South Wales
Whenever I install a piece of software (most recently msn messenger, firefox and thunderbird email client) it installs, comes up in the dock, then an annoying icon appears on my desktop, I don't mind it when that happens when you put a CD i nthe drive or log onto a network server but if that happens whenever I install a program and go to use it i'm going to have loads of them on me desktop. How do I install/run a program without it putting this icon on my desktop? I've tried putting the .dmg file into applications first then installing it from their with the same result


May 16, 2006
You have to open the icon, drag whats in it to the applications folder, then delete the icon. Im guessin your'e a switcher, right?


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Jan 20, 2005
There are several ways applications can be installed in OS X, but the ones you're talking about are application bundles. See this guide for details on how to install. It's incredibly simple once you get the hang of it...unpack DMG, open disk image, copy app to your Applications folder, and you're done!
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