[IDEA] Use iPod Touch AS a bluetooth headset?


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Jan 26, 2011
I love this idea for the exact reason that ayesayer mentions. I listen to podcasts on my iTouch during my commute and it is cumbersome having to pause the ipod to answer the phone. I have been looking for a way to do it.

Is quite a good idea, but begs the question, why not just get an iPhone instead of a phone and an iPod...
I know that I'm repeating mryner4, but...
  1. I have Sprint.
  2. Changing to AT&T (or now Verizon) is more expensive than my current family plan.
  3. Adding an iPhone would require a data plan (more money).
  4. I already have a cell phone and an iTouch.

I imagine that Apple does not allow this because if you could pair your iTouch with your phone, then personally, I would have no incentive to buy an iPhone.


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Feb 27, 2011
that's great idea


This is of course only for people who can't afford and iPhone but have and iPod Touch.

Would it be possible to develop a way to make the iPod Touch act as a bluetooth headset for a mobile phone, so that the call could be taken using the touch's earphones and mic?

It would probably require a jailbroken ipod, but it really would be perfect. We could all buy a crappy prepaid (or cheap post paid) cellphone, and simply use our touch as an iPhone through it. Most people (or at least people i know) always have both their phone and ipod in their pocket. Or you could even have the phone in your bag and ipod in your pocket and then simply answer the ipod.

So people would call the usual cellphone number, and when the touch was within bluetooth range it would ring and could be answered like a bluetooth headset.

I think it would be amazing if it could be done. And really, there are apps which change the ipods MAC address and everything, so surely it would be possible to implement.

What are your thoughts?

that is the function i am looking for month, i always put the itouch in my car play music, when i have a phone call comes or i want make a phone call, i would like to use the itouch make and end a call and do not need to find where is my phone is.


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May 10, 2011
Hello, has there been any updates on this idea? I thought about how i could maximize the usage of my Ipad and did some google searches and this came up.

I came to this conclusion a bit different then everyone with an ipod touch, i thought about how Ipads/ipod touches are being used as GPS devices in cars now with bluetooth gps antenna. Since most cars that have built in GPS, also have a awesome feature to transfer audio (a2dp) and sync phone books and display music from your phones. Why cant the ipad/ipod touch?

also if your ipad/ipod touch were mounted permantly some how to your car, could you play music from your phone to your car without having to plug in any cables?

all the extra features of a GPS device can be recreated on the ipod touch/ipad. the ipad could be a handfree device, it'll be easier to answer a call ringing on the ipad then a phone. and of course the audio would have to b directed to the aux into my speakers.

(bluetooth is capable of connecting to multiple devices, 7 i think, i have a a2dp device connected to my car so any bluetooth device connected will have audio directed to the car speakers, no wires!)

my 2cents.


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Oct 6, 2009

this thread was made some time ago, have there been any discoveries?

Leaving my phone in my backpack and pushing calls via bluetooth to my itouch in my pocket would be GENIUS. This would replace the need to carry the need of having both the phone and iPod in your pocket.

and for those who think "iPhone" is the solution please remember we all have different needs and for some of us, this would be amazing!!