Ideas for Charity/FUNdraising day/s in the Office

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by StokeLee, Aug 30, 2007.

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    Hey guys,

    Im part of a group of five people at work who have to put together a fundraising charity day at work. Were doing it on behalf of a child with leukemia whose father works for our company. Its a treatable type, but in the UK they dont offer it. The money to help send him and his parents to the US for trreatment. So here is where Id like some help.

    No I dont want your money, I want your Ideas for fundraising. In the past with held raffles, put team leaders in a set of stocks, and thrown fruit and wet sponges at them. This time we want to do something different, and a lot more fun. f of the group is going to do a parachute jump, and its going to be filmed so we get to watch her wee herself :eek: Another Idea was to have an xbox tournament for the guys, and possibly the girls too, football, etc, and they pay to enter, with the winners getting a prize.

    So anyone done anything in their work place to raise funds that was a little different and was well responded too? All ideas on a postcard, or PM or in here.

    Thank you
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    The Bikini Car Washes always seem to draw a crowd, but the alternative big fat hairy men in Speedos typically has them running in the other direction.

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