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Aug 28, 2007
They look very similar, minus all the wiring and the tower. Ofcourse one of them is running OS X and the other windows :rolleyes:

But seriiously, this is why im opting for the white imac while i still can get it. :) Im not a professional and would like an elegant looking machine, and ofcourse its totally my opinion that it looks elegant, others may think it looks like a toy, but to each his own.


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Aug 22, 2007
Not at all!

Just because Apple chose the black and aluminum color scheme doesn't mean it was to resemble Dell's crap and that's not the Mac fanboy talking. If you think about it the new iMac was not only inspired by the iPhone but also to be placed as a living room entertainment system. Most plasma and LCD TV's have this look. I have the new iMac 24" and have Elgato's EyeTV hooked up to it. When I am watching TV on my iMac it doesn't look anything like a computer, it looks like a plasma TV but obviously better. When I'm using it as a computer that's what it looks like.
What would kill it as a home theater is that white plasticy fisher price look the old iMac had.
Nobody would have mentioned a thing if Apple had not compared the Dell mess of wires to the iMac clutterless desktop.


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Aug 8, 2007
Um no. I have yet to see a pc that looks anything like the imac. Oh, and umm, maybe other SCREENS look somewhat like the imac, but that's just the screen. Keep in my, with the imac, the screen and the computer are all together.

So no, they aren't starting to look like pcs at all.


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Jun 7, 2007
It only looks like a Dell if you squint your eyes until they are actually closed and imagine an ugly tower with a bunch of wires.