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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by KD7IWP, Aug 21, 2004.

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    Hi, I have a 1 hour video project that I edited in iMovie and then clicked the button to export to iDVD. I did that and then set up all of my menus in iDVD. I clicked preview and everything played fine. So next I hit burn and let the pbook sit overnight. The next morning there were no errors on screen so I played the disc. Menus work great and it starts playing fine. But then after the first two chapters, there is no video, only audio and the first frame from the chapter remains frozen on the screen. I can skip to any chapter and they all do this. I've taken it to two different regular DVD only players and they have the same problem although one DVD player wouldn't even recognize the disc. Any ideas on why I have no video and have only audio? The whole disc worked fine on preview before I burned it. Thanks a lot.
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    not all dvd players can read all the different dvd-r+- etc formated disc. i haven't bought a dvd player in a couple years, but i always check the specs of any dvd player to make sure as many different dvd formats as possible.
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    You can preview before the project renders, so it's really just showing you what it will look like when it's done. Until all the assets have been encoded you don't have a DVD. I'm thinking that your assets didn't all get encoded.

    When you export a movie to iDVD from iMovie, the movie will start being encoded in the background while you create your menus. The problem is that encoding takes a long time and you must wait for it to finish. If you exported your movie and then spent half an hour making the menus and hit "burn" you're probably only going to end up with a couple minutes of movie on your DVD.

    So here's what you do so that doesn't happen again: Either watch the status bar in iDVD to see when your stuff is done encoding (which will take several hours), or from iMovie export (or share if you're on iMovie 4) to dv and then drag the dv file (it'll keep chapter markers) into iDVD. After you hit burn it will still take several hours to encode and burn your disk.

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