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Jan 6, 2003
I just purchased a new powerbook with a CDRW internal drive. The problem Im facing is with my DVDs. I have a couple of DVDs I bought from Europe. Everytime I put the DVD in it asks me to change the regional code and that I am only able to change it 4 times and then it will lock. Ofcourse when I changed it the first time, the other DVDs I had stopped working. Now I only have two more times to change and then my DVD player will be locked. Any suggestions on why it does this, and how to crack it?



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All recent DVD players have a lock (computer DVD [players and TV DVD players)... after the 5 times it locks to the region of the last played DVD. You can download a firmware patch to unlock it here... you will have to change the region every time you insert a DVD from a different region, so be sure to download the app called "Region X" to change the regions.

If you have any questions, just ask.



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Originally posted by ShaolinMiddleFinger
Quick note: once you change the region coding beyond five times, you invalidate your warranty
Sure, but you can always just load in the original firmware for the drive (available on the same page as the cracked firmwares) and reset the lock to 5 when you're sending in your machine to Apple.

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