If anyone who is in the dreaded cancer community, READ THIS!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Hold, Oct 15, 2013.

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    May 19, 2010
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    May 19, 2010
    It offers great advice for anyone in the awful situation of cancer. It helped me greatly during the illness of a family member.
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    May 15, 2008
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    I can add it is a heart pulling journey through the fight with this horrid disease. I wouldn't describe it as an advice book per-say; but many people could gain insight and support from its reading.

    While it was a different journey from my own sabre-crossing with this menace disease; it had several parallels in the way it affects people around you while you fight it.

    I would say its a good read if you like true life tear jerkers, but not a MUST read for anyone fighting or helping someone fight. There are far better books for that purpose out there.

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