If Apple Refunds Me for Lion, Why Does it Still Let Me Download it 4 Free (Reinstall)

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by HappyDude20, Dec 11, 2011.

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    I got lion from the app store, wasn't satisfied and went back to snow leopard. In the app store I still lion and the option to redownload it for no fee, just to reinstall, similar to an app on iPad or iPhone.

    I'm guessing apple is on the honor system that I won't redownload it since I got my refund? Seeing the option to redownload it is very tempting, though am quickly reminded as to why I decided to gt rid of it...I.e. it kicks up the fans and destroys my battery life, aside from my Mac being dead slow.what I did enjoy about lion was the iCloud and photo stream features...
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    I believe violence is referring to posts that might comment upon the ethical issues involved in taking something for which one has not paid - or been refunded.

    These folks are referred to as "self righteous", and being "on their high horse". At times, folks have taken or found devices, and plan to keep them - and post here looking for approval of their clearly unethical behavior. Anyone criticizing them is called the above epithets.

    It sounds to me, reading your post, that you were in no way suggesting that you intended to re-download Lion after receiving a refund, but rather commenting on what seems to be an iTunes error in even allowing that to occur.

    violence was, I believe, anticipating that you might get comments suggesting that you might engage in unethical behavior. A little newbie cleverness.
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    I've had refunds in the past and I'm not able to redownload. In your case it may not have been entered into the system correctly.
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    You do realize that's just as bad as saying, "First!"

    No one cares and anyone who has been on the internet for more than a year will know what's probably going to happen. You don't need to remind us. Thanks.
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    most likely not input correctly on their end. The download may disappear after a little while for you when they look for variations in their sales/returns databases like any company does on certain intervals.
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    You can manually look for it and still download it again; I got back in contact with Apple after refunding me for Pages, Keynote, Numbers and Compressor due to Apple releasing a Lion update which made it run really well on Mac OS X. I sent them an email telling them I'd like to re-purchase them again because they now fulfil what I want - I was told by the person in the email that I could continue using them even after receiving a refund because they're unable to reverse a refund once it has been done.

    The AppStore I'd say is still being developed with some of these loop holes to be closed off in the future as the backend becomes more sophisticated.
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    The short and half-facetious answer: "Because Apple loves you!"
    The long answer: Apple is not that interested in pirate-proofing their software. If doing you a favor for 30 bucks is going to keep you as a happy Apple customer, they'll just do that.

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