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    US News and World Report is something I don't normally read. Back in the day the print version was deliberately middle-of-the-road (like me). But, I still didn't read it. Too simplistic, with little detail and nuance. But, something pointed me at an online article, and I was surprised that most of what I saw was a bit tilted towards the Republicans. Whatever. But, I also noticed this editorial, which struck a chord. The subject was "Mitt Romney Is Losing Because of the GOP’s Delusions". The editorial starts off with this:

    Examples are given of how it doesn't matter how Presidential Obama has been, he isn't given the acknowledgment by the (mainly Republican) critics that he was elected. It concludes with this:

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    It's far too late for them to come up with ideas they don't have.
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    It's funny. I was pondering this very notion over the weekend. It occurred to me that Republicans never stop to wonder why people vote Democratic. They just accept the lost "customers" as a fait accompli. I was pondering this because I was wondering why Romney, a businessman, would also subscribe to this thinking in his 47% comments. A business usually approaches things from the perspective of "These people are not buying my product...why? And how can I get them to?". They usually don't give up market share to a competitor without even trying to understand why they do not have it.

    It's amazing to me how the Republican party actually goes out of it's way to turn off potential "customers". It would be like a company watching it's market share dwindling, seeing the changing demographics, and then sitting back and doubling down on alienating even more customers. It makes no sense.
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    What's really funny? We've gone from Newsweek's "Now we're all Socialists" to a nation where Democrats have crashing voter turnout for a woman candidate and a real socialist!

    It goes without saying that Republicans are enjoying record turnout that is about as great as the Dems enjoyed when they had Obama as their candidate.

    The voters gave Democrats and Liberals a chance, but evidently found their "let's make everybody equal by making everybody miserable" strategy unappealing.
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    So, you are missing a lot with that post. First you ignore the fact that in open primary states, democrats are voting in the Republican election to help chose who we face off against. I don't agree with the practice, but it is what it is. Then you ignore that in a number of places, like last night in Utah for instance, Democrat voting is UP. Next you ignore that a lot of people are either happy with either Democrat running or think Hillary has got it locked up so don't feel the need to come out and vote in a primary. To hold out hope that they will stay home in November too and just hand the election over to Republicans, would be foolhardy for a Republican to think and rely on. Obama hasn't even started campaigning and rallying the troops yet.
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    If the Dems were happy running against Trump, Soros would not be spending millions trying to disrupt his campaign.

    Try again.
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    He'd be spending millions to oppose any candidate with an (R) but no matter who wins he wins
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    That puts into perspective why Trump has become popular. Doubly so since he is a for-profit businessman, and whose lobbyist insiders would then question his "outsider" status. Which doesn't mean he has no positive solutions that his customers want. But as New Jersey and Michigan have shown, governing like a for-profit business isn't exactly a pro-life paradigm. And, yes, some problems have developed slowly throughout the decades as more and more tax cuts to infrastructure went through in order to keep up the corporate welfare spending... the only real fault of the current administrations is not to halt and fix the problems, which could only be hypothetical and not conclusively proven at that time.
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    Democratic Socialist - not the same thing as the people running, say, Norway, Sweden, or China.

    Besides, some articles pointed out Sanders is not a Socialist. Like these, if their content is true (standard disclaimer, I don't always repeat the disclaimer, nor should people have to):


    The second article pretty much makes him as viable a Democratic candidate as a genuine "Democrat" rather than an "Independent".
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    Gramps, what the hell am I paying you for?
    I decided to look up some info on ole George Soros. These are a few of the things I've found.

    Among the more sane crowd, the worst you'll hear about him is that he likes to play fast and loose in finance, which makes some people think of him as something of an ass. For the most part, people are pretty neutral about him. They're appreciative of some of the social work he's done, but for the most part he's just some random really rich guy.

    Things start changing once you get into sites with names like Freedom Truth Media Matters, Minutemen Daily Freedom Struggle, Valley Forge Freedom Fighters, Amber Waves of Not Trusting The Leftist Establishment, Guardians of the Free Republic of Truth, and Truth Freedom Freedom Truth, where he is LITERALLY THE DEVIL!

    One of the things I read that really made me laugh was No.4 of the Top 10 Things That Make George Soros The Most Dangerous Man Alive, which was how he swore he'd do everything in his power to keep George W. Bush from being elected, not once but twice.

    ...and considering the fact that George W. Bush was elected not once, but twice, it makes you wonder just how dangerous this guy really is. All those billions spent, all that influence exerted, and for what? Jack and ****, apparently. Yeah, real scary guy there. Very effective with those dastardly deeds.
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    This thread was so skillfully resurrected that I was completely distracted by seeing leekohler's avatar scroll by me. My first reaction was wow... that was one hell of a timeout.
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    Will the site administrator please get rid of that damned "similar threads" box already?
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    It was definitely fun debating with him back then...
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    I correspond with Lee from time to time. He's doing well and misses the arguments here.

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