If I buy an unlocked phone, what US carrier do I use?

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    Jul 30, 2012
    Kind techies, I am now free of AT&T. My contract is up and I am looking to enter the 21st century. I need to buy three Iphones.I travel a great deal overseas and I thought that I would go with Verizon, as they let you unlock after 60 days. However, I am wondering if I should just buy the unlocked phones from Apple. I would want to use a micro-sim card in the country I am in, (usually Italy and France) and be able to use the phone basically like I would use it in the US, with data, messaging etc. Ideally, I would switch micro-sims at will, as applicable.

    The other two iphones are for my offspring. I take them travelling, so it makes sense for their phones to be unlocked as well. The idea is if they get lost, need to access the web for information, it would all be there for them.

    Is it more economical to buy unlocked phones from Apple and use a domestic micro-sim in the US and then acquire applicable micro-sims in the foreign country I am in? I realize that I will pay a lot for the phones up front, but can I make out in the long run? The kids will be in the US 98% of the time. Should I get them Verizon phones and myself an unlocked Apple iphone? How do you use an unlocked iphone in the US without a contract? These would be 4S phones and I have read that T-mobile doesn't have the required network. Is there another option?

    Finally, I know about Skype, and that's great for when I am near wifi, how about Face time? Does that work internationally?

    Many, many thanks for any and all help, I am so confused!
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    Depends if you are OK with them being locked into a contract.

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