If I order a Macbook tonight and its updated next tuesday, will i get the new one?


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Oct 5, 2006
Perth, Western Australia
Hey guys...

I have been trawling the forums for speculation on the MB upgrade for fricken ages now! I just cant take it anymore! I would just like to ask - If I order a current MacBook tonight and get BTO ram it probably wont be shipped until tuesday at least? (Im in Australia) So in the chance of the MBs getting C2D'ed early next week, it would be held back and i would get the updated MB.... would that be a good idea?

Im going to order on Tuesday in anycase... I just need to get my mind off this website and all this speculation... ARRRRRRghhhh *goes insane*


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Feb 17, 2006
Keele, United Kingdom
You probably on't automatically get the new one, but if they update it within 14 days you are obliged to get the new one (ie, you can get one without having 2 MacBooks-does that make sense?).
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