If It's Sunday, It's Still Conservative

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by zimv20, Apr 4, 2006.

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    that's the liberal media for ya! satan put those fossils in the ground to confuse us. errrrr, i mean: the liberal media schedules conservative guests and gives them free reign so we don't suspect anything!
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    I've been reading stuff like this for awhile now. I believe it. I think the press caved to that whole "liberal media" thing, and especially after 9/11, went out of their way to "balance" things. Of course, they went overboard, and started using far right neocons as the balance to moderates who really didn't fight back in an effort to remain moderate. Not to mention the fact that some pundits, even those who aren't overwhelmingly conservative, can be oblivious to the real world. Go look at some of the stories on Media Matters for what I mean. And the fact that most media organizations are owned by conservatives, well, there you go.

    Of course, now that people are hating GW (especially after Katrina and the ongoing issues with Iraq) the media is more than happy to jump on that bandwagon too. It's just taking them some time to get over their fear of pissing off the far right machine. And they still hate the dems. But then, who doesn't.
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    You also have to consider that there are more republicans in power now, so it makes sense that if you are talking randomly to someone at a specific level of political power, that you will pick more republicans than dems.
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    from here, in regards to the 1997-2005 study:
    your conclusions are incorrect. there is clearly a trend towards having more conservative guests, where that trend does not correspond linearly to positions of power.
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    blah, blah, blah
    the media is not too far left!
    tucker calson
    bill oreilly
    rush limbaugh
    michael savage
    ann coulter
    sean hannity
    pat robertson
    the list goes on....
    these are all right wingers in the media

    here at macrumors, people are quite intelligent
    darwin was an intelligent man
    athiests and evolutionists are not satanists, you are misconcepcion common among conservitaves.
    do i have anything against religious people, no.
    i am a devout Jew.

    that's just my say, but i respect your view just as much as my own, as i am a progressive minded democrat who has room for the views of all people, even rather conservative ones and ones i absolutel disagree with (execpt for racist ideology, which has no place in our world)

    we're still iHomies, right?
    LOL :):D:):D
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