If it's true that Obama has been obstructed,

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by thermodynamic, Mar 12, 2016.

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    May 3, 2009
    How will Trump, Clinton, Sanders, Kasich, Cruz, et al, going to get anything proper passed?

    Can't a president use an executive order? Or is it not that simple?
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    Its all but impossible that control of the House will turn over in this election cycle. Chances are it will remain firmly in Republican control through at least the 2018 election cycle. Control of the Senate is somewhat more up for grabs. Especially if a Trump nomination at the top of the Republican ticket prompts an opposition landslide.

    So each of the candidates running would face a somewhat different prospect for getting any sort of legislative action on their Agenda.

    Sanders has virtually no chance of getting any of his proposals through Congress. He would be opposed by many Democratic lawmakers; and universal Republican opposition.

    A Hillary Clinton Presidency? If she had Democratic-controlled Senate, and was facing a slim majority Republican Congress - might possibly be able to peel off enough Republican votes to pass some legislation on trade, taxes, entitlements, and immigration to make some progress.

    A Cruz Presidency, frankly, fills me with dread. The Supreme Court would almost inevitably end up with a Conservative supermajority that will haunt us for a generation . Dealing awful setbacks on abortion rights, voting rights, civil rights, etc. etc. It will also mean the repeal of the ACA, leaving probably twenty million people without access to health insurance; and increasing costs and uncertainty for everyone else.

    Trump? I suspect we'll be too busy building walls around our houses, putting bars across our windows against the angry race riots. Or dealing with the shock at finding ourselves simultaneously at war with with Britain, Mexico, Germany, Russia, China, Japan, Iran......
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    Any of the aforementioned candidates will get things passed and without the need for EOs. Obama's weakness and ineptitude make him an outlier.
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    It's those space aliens that capture humans and probe their bodily orifices and sometimes impregnate certain women with hybrid space-fetuses because their worlds are slowly dying due to the lack of certain non-metallic elements...

    Wait, I thought you wrote "prober".

    Yeah, I really need to get new glasses. Never mind.

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