If the difference between the two 20" iMacs worth £107?


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Is the 20% increase in processor and increased graphics RAM (I think they're both XT cards and not a Pro like marketed?) worth the differance of £107? (both with 500GB HD, 2GB RAM)

I'll be ordering a new iMac in December, but I'm gonna need to be working out how much money I've got for the semester before I go to uni so I'm needing to decide what I'm gonna get now.

It'll be used for all the common student stuff (which both will be fine for), but I also want to be running Bootcamp for few games (Command and Conquer 3 being the newest, and I want it to run very smoothly). I don't need perfect graphics or anything, just good performance.

This will also be my machine till the end of uni (3 years), so will the increased performance help a notable amount for this time? My current G5 won't have the legs, and I want to upgrade to an Intel machine ASAP so I have access to a Windows desktop.

Not knowing anything about the graphics cards I've got no idea how much they differ let alone if it's worth an upgrade.

Any advice would be great! :)


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Aug 16, 2007

I agree with the other replies.

2GHz to 2.4GHz is a significant jump.

More importantly, i think the difference in graphics is quite large. The graphics card in the new iMac is its weakest area (its definitley its most criticised!), so it makes sense to get the better of the 2 options.

Even if I do think the difference represents good value, If you dont need any of those extras then save the money and get the entry level model.