If you buy an i7 iMac you can not get any service at the Apple Store?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by TennisandMusic, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. TennisandMusic

    Aug 26, 2008
    I just want to verify...despite thinking some of the design ideas on iMac's are incredibly stupid (no easy access to boot drive!), I am interested in getting one of the new i5's or i7's. Obviously the i7 is more appealing aside from one huge thing...the BTO nature of the machine.

    It is my understanding that if I order one of these from Apple, that you simply cannot take it into a store to get serviced if something breaks? I can understand needing to ship it back if it needs a replacement. Fine. But what if it's something that can be opened and fixed? Bad drive, bad motherboard, etc? If someone can help clarify this that would be fantastic. Also, if I chose the i5, are Apple stores able to upgrade the HD in store?
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    You can take it to the Apple Store, they will ship it out for you. The stores just ship them out to a service center, as they do with every product that they don't replace.
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    Aug 26, 2008
    Hmm...are you sure? There was a pretty big thread about this before. So basically, if you get an i5 you can exchange it no problem, and an i7 is either shipped by you or the apple store?

    I am surrounded by Apple stores in San Diego and would prefer to use the stores if possible...most people here seem to be dealing with Apple directly for their busted i7's?
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    Aug 26, 2008
  5. Chundles macrumors G4


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    If a CTO machine is DOA you will need to deal with the channel through which it was purchased.

    If a CTO machine requires service or support you can take it to any authorised repair centre, this includes the Apple Store.

    So you're correct to a point. If your i7 machine fails within the DOA period, yes, you will need to deal with the online/phone store. If it's outside that period then you can take it to the Apple Store for service/support just like any other machine.
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    Oct 25, 2007
    Correct, if you require a replacement within the 14-day return policy, an Apple Store cannot provide this, as they don't carry custom machines.

    But you absolutely are able to obtain the same quality repair service that the owner of a non-custom-built computer would obtain.

    Apple Retail Stores (at least in the US and Canada) do NOT ship desktop computers for repair. If your iMac requires repair, the Apple Store will check your computer in for service, the store will order the parts necessary if they don't already have them in stock, and one of the store's technicians will repair your machine.
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    Aug 26, 2008
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    Oct 29, 2009
    you can upgrade the internal drive yourself

    its not that hard.

    They come with a 1 TB drive, do you plan on filling it up right away?

    Or maybe just put all of your media -- music, photos, movies on an external drive? That will keep your drive fairly free from the stuff that takes up huge space.

    Ive got 80 gigs of movies, 65 gigs of photos and 60 gigs of music all on an external drive, works fine -- and keeps 200 gigs off my internal drive.

    EDIT: One thing appealing about the i5: $1850 AR with no tax and free shipping to Calif from macconnection, $450 cheaper than an i7.

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