If you want and Apple PDA, don't have to wait - go to CompUSA


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Sep 17, 2001
CompUSA does not have the new Apple PDA. Sorry. They do have a cool deal for us out there wanting a PDA now, but kinda waiting for the Apple iPad (or whatever it will be called).

I bought a Handspring pro for $220 and also got the 2 year PDA Replacement plan. The plan allows me to return my PDA with in 2 years toward the perchase of another PDA at CompUSA. So if Apple comes out with an PDA with in 2 years I can turn in my handspring to CompUSA and get $220 towards the Apple PDA. Yes the full cost of the Handspring PDA. I can use the $220 credit towards and kind of PDA... Windows CE too.

The plan costs $50 - $100 depending on the PDA you get. I paid $50 but they were going to charge me $100. I told them I might be interested in buying the plan if it was under $100. So nigotiating might work - give it a try.



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Sep 18, 2001
Denver, CO
This came up in a similar thread on iPods before, and people from CompUSA very strongly contest that interpretation of their plan, even though the sales folks who sell them to you may say otherwise, so I'd read the terms and conditions of the plan VERY carefully. Unfortunately, I would be willing to bet that when the time comes and there's something you want to upgrade to, you won't be allowed to use the plan the way you want to.


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Jul 7, 2001
I work at compusa. If you bought the replacement as opposed to the warrantee, which I bet you did, there are some great benefits to it, and yet some downfalls.

If you accidentally break your PDA, we will replace it with a new one of SIMILAR SPECS at no charge for 2 years. Unconditionally.

BUT!!, you cannot simply just come in and have it exchanged without some claim that it is broken. We will test it first. (break it yourself on purpose)

Also... You might not get your full $220 retail price towards a new Apple PDA. You will get whatever the current selling price of what you are returning at the time of the return. If you handspring is discontinued (which they all will be within the year. Handspring is going only to the treo-style organizers) then you will get the last selling price of it. So if your visor sells for $99 on the last day that we have them, you will get $99 towards a new PDA.

Sorry to break it to you. The replacement is great if you break your PDA, but don't expect it to act as a free exchange policy.



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Jun 18, 2001
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I never

I never get any of the crap when I buy electronics from stores. i figure.. if it does break... by that time I will want a new one anyway. And if they give me a few $ for traid in 2 years later... who cares... I still had to pay that much in the begging anyway. They just want to sucker me into comming back to the same store all the time. I shop for the best deal and get that. and I come back to the same store... if they have the best deal the next time arround


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Jan 13, 2002
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tell umm evildead!!

i agree. why the heck would someone want to pay more for an apple computer at comp usa and put up with thier usual anti mac crap and or ignorant about macs mentality when you can go online or call an apple reseller and get the same product for less shipping included plus some extras? i hate it when they try to sucker one in with thier warrenty. as much compu usa's as there are out there there should be just as much apple stores or more...to fully counter pc (personal confuser) oriented stores.


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Jan 13, 2002
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