If your AT&T 2WIRE router is crashing on you …

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Yr Blues, Aug 27, 2011.

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    Jan 14, 2008
    … try this.

    "Here's what I found out from AT&T; The router thinks 'Mac' is attacking it, which is the reason it drops the signal. What they had me do is change some settings in the 2wire gateway.

    1. Go to the wireless settings, change the speed from 802.116g to 802.116b

    2. Go to the Firewall settings and uncheck the box that reads," Packet Flood".

    This did resolve my signal drop. Good luck."
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    Jan 15, 2012
    one more step to this

    I also had this problem after talking to the ATT rep who first tried to send me to get a new modem at the att store I explain I had another modem and had the same errors. I was then told must be a bad power supply and would have to but a new modem with power supply. I then explain I brought my neighbors modem over and used my power supply and had no issues. I also took my modem to neighbors and had same issue. It was then explain to me it was a software problem with something on my computer causing the problem. I then explain it was not it worked fine at my neighbors. So after doing the 2 items above changing the Firewall setting uncheck PACKET FLOOD, & EXCESSIVE SESSION DETECTION THEN CHANGED WIRELESS MODE TO 802.1B.
    and under brood bank links advance settings changed VPI to 8 was at 0.

    Then saved settings... Unplugged modem for 10 seconds plugged back in and finally everything worked. I was also told att did a upgrade that was causing these problems and If I purchased the new modem that is version N I would not have these issues.
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    And they look at you like you're the dumb one. ;)
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    i work for an isp that i wont mention, on most modems anymore the firewall and ip flood needs to be turned off. For business we always do this, but for residential the agents dont always know about this. Its because isp's use cheap modems that have cheap software on them. So we turn everything off on them but the basic stuff.

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