If you're unelectable, then why not get ordained?

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by darksithpro, Aug 8, 2017.

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    Why should we care if HRC decides to become a pastor or a watercolorist or a denizen of some think tank? If she engages in any of those as a follow-on career or as avocation, then she’s not running for public office.

    LOL is this just jealousy on someone’s part that Clinton could become one of those TV evangelists who rake in enough dough to be driven around in a limousine? I don't think that is what she'd have in mind. I never doubted that she is a person of deep faith. I've often wondered why she didn't put more of that out there in an era when it's clear the Republicans don't have a lock on what Jesus Christ hoped his followers would do with their lives...

    With any of those options she’d be right out there in the open so that one couldn’t criticize her for being sly about how she comes up with her walking-around money. How boring that would be, eh? We best hope she goes into something sounds more shady and much, much more lucrative.
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    She'd fit right in with those shucksters.

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