IGN's (brief) look at the XMB

Discussion in 'Games' started by sikkinixx, Nov 2, 2006.

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    Jul 10, 2005
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    it is for IGN members only though, so I dunno how many people on here will be able to watch it.

    Basically it's a sneak peak at their weekly show where they will look into the PS3's media bar (in HD which is nice).

    Doesn't really say a lot but if you have an IGN membership it is worth looking at for the demo of the slideshow function. Remember how it looks like pictures are being tossed on the floor? I didn't know but you can actually control the camera, zoom in and out, rotate around etc. So it's a little more interactive and it also lets you add music to play in the background (yeeeee haw).

    The nice thing though is that for voice chat ANY bluetooth headset will work with PS3. So if you already have one for the cell phone (most people seem to nowadays) you can just sync it up and use it. I am kind of surprised, I figured Sony would only allow its own $59.99+ BT headset :rolleyes:
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    Aug 27, 2006
    Look great. That music in the video needs to go though. Made me want to turn it off. :mad:
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    you don't need to be an ign insider.. you can just watch the stream

    the photo album mode looks cool as does the background in the menu though i'm still skeptical if the menu structure being the same as on the PSP is actually the wisest idea..

    that aisde the music ign used for the presentation is annoying as hell
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    Aug 20, 2005
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    XMB is looking good and I'm really happy that most all KB will work with the system. The PS3 startup is really nice plus the look of it.

    I'm not too interested in the photo crap but impressive none the less.


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