iHub = Tivo/iPod/WebTV/SnapServer


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Jan 6, 2002
Here's my rampant speculation:

the iHub will be the ultimate digital vault

Think Tivo, meets iPod, meets Quantum Snap Server, meets WebTV, with FireWire, USB, Mac OS X 10.2, an affordable PowerPC processor, a CD or DVD drive, and easy to upgrade hard drives.

A VCR sized iPod: a white faced silver box with a
big iPod dial in the center, an LCD display,
a CD-ROM door on the left, hidden front panel
ports on the right, and a slender RF remote with
with an iPod style wheel and 4 line LCD.

It will/could function as:

- network attached storage (via ethernet/Airport/FireWire
- a PVR (personal video recorder)
- a massive MP3 jukebox (8x - 40x the storage of iPod)
- an AirPort base station/firewall/router
- a photo, movie, music and data vault
- a WebTV style internet appliance
- a web accessible server to any internet enabled device in your home or office

Good: $599-

- with it's built in CD-ROM drive you can rip every CD you ever bought (don't steal music sticker included in box)
- with it's 40GB hard drive it will hold over 8,000 of your favorite songs
- watch iTunes plugins on your TV as you listen to over two weeks of your favorite music
- sync with an iPod via FireWire to take your music with you
- easily add a second drive as your collection grows

Better: $899-

- with it's built in DVD-ROM drive and 80 GB hard drive you can watch or edit a movie, or 30 hours of TV programming, or maybe just a slide show of 10,000+ of your favorite photos with USB and Firewire you can download straight from your digital camera, digital camcorder, or your Mac.

Best: $1599- (would they cannibalize Mac sales by letting you CREATE and EDIT media on one of these ?...)

- with its DVD Super Drive and it's optional dual 100 GB drives it can capture over one hundred hours of your favorite TV shows (that's just about every Buffy - ever.) and save a few of your favorites shows, iMovies, slide shows, on a DVD.

- with it's built in AirPort Base station you can broadcast your music, movies or any files though the air to any Macintosh in your home or office within 150 feet of the iHub, you are your own private radio station, TV station,
web server etc.

- with it's optional NVidia Graphics your games will scream

- with the new Cinema Super Display and SoundSticks it's a complete home entertainment center: games, movies, music, and the internet all in one powerful box.

OS: Mac OS X 10.2

bundled applications:

DVD Player
Internet Explorer


front panel - S Video, Video, FireWire and USB
rear panel - SVideo, Video, RF, FireWire, Ethernet,
56k modem, ADC

included accessories:

- wireless RF remote (works through walls)

optional accessories:

- additional internal storage (40GB, 80GB, 100GB)
- Apple Super Cinema display
- component video adapter
- HDTV tuner (available late 2002)
- NVidia graphics
- DVD rendering engine with AltiVec
- AirPort card
- pro-mouse
- pro-keyboard
- iPod

I made this all up out of thin air at 2:30 am
nothing here resembles any fact but:

- It's exactly what I would want to buy from Apple instead of Tivo/Sony/Philips/Quantum/Apex/SonicBlue/Microsoft/Compaq

- I would use it for all of the above from day 1:
baby photos, the wedding video, rip ALL of my CD's, cache
Star Trek episodes which air at odd hours, pause live TV, backup files from my PowerBook, sync with my wife's iPod...

- It would be a way for Apple to get into a lot of households that have no PC's or use Wintel for general computing

- Most folks have NO Wintel bias when it comes to a home entertainment device.

- It would be a worthy big brother to the iPod

- Just like portable MP3 players it would be a HUGE new non-PC market where Apple's amazing industrial design and user interface design would blow away ALL of the competition.

- It would put the Apple logo on a lot of TV screens
every single day...


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Feb 24, 2001
It sounds to me like a high-end G4 with a cinema display,100 GB HD and a TV tuner for $1599. Of course it would cannibalize mac sales it's a G4 with a $2000 monitor thrown in for free.


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Dec 29, 2001
all that for so little price

everything you said there would have cost a bit more than sixteen hundreed dollars try 4 to 5 grand

But I can only hope