iLife apps now can be demetalized, why now?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by starcrossed, Jan 19, 2004.

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    First off I am running Shapeshifter and the GUiPod theme, which will turn certain metal UI's white (like Safari, Finder, etc). Well previous to iLife '04 all the apps maintained their brushed metal interface even with the theme installed, which I didn't mind, but now that I've installed iLife '04 some of them have turned off their brushed metal look for the white-aqua, with the exception of iTunes and GarageBand. I remember reading about how Cocoa or Carbon apps (one of them I forgot which it is) couldn't lose their brushed metal themes which was what the iLife programs were written in. So did Apple change this, which explains why the UI can be modified now? Hopefully I making sense to someone, and someone will be able to explain this to me. Thanks
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    well i know when you're coding with XCode, in a cocoa app its just an option to change the look. there are actually several different options besides brushed and aqua, but i dont remember what. i dont see why you couldnt change it, since Interface Builder seems to have no trouble going back and forth.

    i'm mostly a PC programmer (fourth year computer science major), but i did learn a bit of mac programming last year (on codewarrior, but i did fire up XCode when i got panther)
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    Cocoa and Carbon applications with use .Nib files to hold their resources can be changed to a non-textured appearance easily. There is one flag in each window's info that selects Aqua or metal.

    It's easy enough to find it in Interface Builder.

    Old style Carbon applications like QuickTime Player and iTunes can't be changed (easily).

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