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    Description:: When I think of speech to text dictation for a computer I always recall the scene of Mr. Scott speaking to the computer mouse in the movie Star Trek I I I. “Hello Computer” he chimed to the mouse, much to the amusement of the 20th Century human looking on. While speaking to the computer on the Starship ENTERPRISE in the 23rd century was an every day occurrence, our reality has not quite caught up to science fiction. The idea of automatic, easy to use, text to speech dictation has always been interesting and intriguing. From dictating documents to typing e-mail many have desired the use of text to speech for a long time, most have been disappointed. The good folks at iListen are out to change that.

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    It's actually from star trek IV.

    I've tried iListen before; it's horrible. I spent 5 hours training it and it still fumbled over every other word. :rolleyes:
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    How the heck can they write a review for this and not do all the training? There's no way of telling the "best" quality of the program because the reviewer was too lazy.

    I'd love to see quality voice dictation software for the Mac. (Watching David Pogue use a Windows computer primarily to run Dragon NaturallySpeaking is NOT what I want to do.)
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    Do you remember what version you used?

    Speech to text would be nice, but I'd be happy with a working Speakable Items to issue commands... I'm hoping that Leopard improves that along with the improved text to speech.

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