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Discussion in 'Switch Stories' started by sgtlmj, Oct 22, 2003.

  1. sgtlmj macrumors member

    Oct 22, 2003
    I'm just about ready to make the leap to Apple/OSX from the PC world.

    I'm the computer "guru" in my circle and seem to spend most of my time doing preventative maintenance and disaster relief on friend's computers from all of the crap that PC's are prone to. After a few dozen full re-installs, virus excorcisms, spyware-ectomies, in the last few months, I'm just finally sick of it.

    It makes me sad that one has to be a "guru" to effectively run Windows for any period of time. They have made a huge leap from Win98 to XP, and I like the interface, but the bloated underbelly is still a wretched piece of work. If you look anywhere for tips on how to run Windows, you'll find that you are directed to all sorts of tweaks and registry edits in order to make it do what you want. Bah!

    I currently dual-boot WinXP Home and Mandrake Linux, so I can see the benefits of a Unix based, ported OS like OSX. I have also messed around with a relative's iMac (which I recommended she get for photo editing), and I really like what I see.

    I also just bought an iPod, and am in bliss with the new Windows iTunes, further clinching my decision to switch.

    The new iBooks came out just a bit ago, and while they are compelling, I'm gonna save up and do it right. I'm going for a PowerBook, but haven't completly decided on the size.

    I'm thinking 12" PB, since a laptop/notebook is supposed to be small. If I need a bigger display, I can always hook it up to my 17" Planar w/ DVI.

    I'm going to use it for all of my mainstream computing needs, ie. email, surfing, office, photography, music. I'll keep my screamin fast PC for the games, like BF1942 and HL2 whenever it comes out, but once I get the Mac, I'm going to do a minimal re-install of XP so the gaming is as fast as it can be. I'll use the rest of the HD for storage for my Mac stuff, being on a 802.11b network. Kinda like a server that you can play games on. :)
  2. howard macrumors 68020


    Nov 18, 2002
    hey, nice, sounds like you really have it all planned out.

    also nice choice on the laptop if thats what your going to be using it for...i'm sure you'll be insanely happy

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