I'm back for one more ?? no Imac, YET!!

Discussion in 'Buying Tips, Advice and Discussion (archive)' started by nateko, Feb 10, 2004.

  1. nateko macrumors newbie

    Jan 27, 2004
    Since I'm getting caught up in Steve J's vision of the Imac as the digital center of my life I had a thought......

    What kind of reliability/durability does the superdrive have? Is it replaceable? By me?

    Why that thought you ask.....because I plan to rip my entire legally purchased CD collection to an external harddrive once I get my Imac. (Kind of like putting on 60,000 miles on a new car in 4 months ) Also the cd drive on my 6 year old pc I currently own is no longer in operation. The root cause of that is unknown but it just got me thinking....... I could be way off base here, if so, let me know. :)

    Thanks in advance
  2. SilentPanda Moderator emeritus


    Oct 8, 2002
    The Bamboo Forest
    As long as your rip those gazillion tracks within your first year they should replace the super drive for free if it breaks down... and with AppleCare it'd be within the first 3 years...
  3. raic36 macrumors newbie

    Feb 10, 2004
    I had the same idea; however, I have the superdrive iMac and now I am wondering how best to set up the external hard drive (LaCie d2 USB) to meet my backup and iTunes needs. Partition ( /Data /Music)? Any suggestions?

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