I'm Busy SMS - NO JAILBREAK IS NEEDED Somebody calls while you’re in a meeting? You’

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    Somebody calls while you’re in a meeting?
    You’re in a middle of a sizzling argument while your mom calls you?
    Using the GPS and just when you’re supposed to take a turn your boss calls you?
    Send “I’m Busy SMS”
    Use “I’m Busy SMS” to immediately send a text message to the last missed caller with as little as 2 taps!
    No typing needed – select a message to send from the predefined messages
    Our predefined messages aren’t good enough for you? No problem – create your own on the fly, we’ll keep them for you for future use.
    ✔ Select a message from a predefined list of messages
    ★ Create your own messages
    ✔ Unlimited number of messages
    ★ Reorder the messages to best fit your habits
    ✔ Delete unwanted messages



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    Contact info:
    App & Joy, http://www.appandjoy.com

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