I'm cursed - Blackbooks die in my hands in days...

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Stuart in Oz, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. Stuart in Oz macrumors 6502

    Jan 16, 2008
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    I think I'm cursed. My second brand new blackbook in three weeks has just died on me this evening. To get me over my pain I've written a parable about it:

    Once was a man who lived in the land of Kangaroos and exceptionally strong sunlight. He was a covetous man but he did not covet asses or pieces of gold but rather product of the Macintosh type. For years he coveted and waited and coveted some more.

    Until one day (oh happy day!) he did purchase a Santa Rosa blackbook and was much pleased - until four days later when the Penryn update came out, about which he was much annoyed but tried not to show it.

    But then, on the seventh day the hard drive did crash and he was greatly perturbed. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth and returning of product involved. Yet from this disaster came Triumph! For the machine was under 7 day DOA period! And a new Penryn blackbook was awarded to him! The wailing and gnashing was replaced by shouting and adulation! (Except for some small mutterings about time wasted and stress incurred).

    All was happiness in the land of Kangaroos and exceptionally strong sunlight once more. The bees were humming, the birds were singing and the blackbooks were downloading.

    Yet once more darkness and depravity stalked the land for suddenly, with no warning, the curse of the blackbook returned. The downloading did cease and the bees were silent and the birds nowhere to be seen, for the newer, shinier, Penrynier blackbook had refused to perform and was constantly restarting itself from the grey startup screen, over and over and over again.

    Will this terrible curse stalk our land forever? Will it be exorcised by the power of DiskUtility or only removed by the awesome force of the AppleCentre tech workshop? We must but wait to know our future....

    Seriously though, (and sorry for the above, I just had to vent somehow), two failures out of two machines? In three weeks???? Has anyone else had this problem with the machine restarting itself over and over from the very first grey startup screen?
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    May 14, 2003
    Try the white??


    That sucks man. My wife seems to have the Apple curse also. I got a mini about 2yrs ago, she got a macbook about 3 weeks later. From then to now I have had 0 problems with the mini, which I just sold to get an iMac.

    She had to have the battery and logic board replaced in that macbook. Then after that she had a hard drive failure and lost everything cause she didnt listen and back things up.

    Well, as I said, I got a new iMac about a week ago, I bought her a new blackbook. Right out of the box she had 2 kernel panics. Then it wouldnt go to sleep, fans were blowing like crazy. Then it was hanging on boot. Apps wouldnt open. She tried to run the hardware test from the restore discs and that wouldnt even run!!

    So Apple agreed to a replacement, and so far so good.

    Wonder why some ppl have all the bad luck?

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