I'm having trouble transferring photos from my iPhone to my Mac

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mrsir2009, Jan 9, 2012.

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    Although I've used Macs all my life I'm quite new to the iOS world. The iPhone is my first iDevice, and I really really like it :D However I'm having trouble getting some photos that I took with my iPhone's camera onto my Mac running Lion. On my old Samsung phones I sent the photos via bluetooth to my Mac, but it doesn't seem to be that simple on my iPhone. I tried importing via Preview and iPhoto, like all the suggestions on Google said, however Preview and iPhoto didn't recognize my iPhone, despite the fact that its plugged in and iTunes recognizes it.

    I was going to email the photos to myself but I found that you can only do them one at a time, which makes it out of the question...

    Is there anything I have missed or anything else I can try?


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    Use Image Capture (use Spotlight to find it on your Mac or look in the Utilities folder)

    Or, I use an app called PhotoSync that works brilliantly
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    iPhoto always detects my devices just fine... Weird...
    What happens when you plug an actual camera in?

    You can email multiple photos by tapping on the "Square-with-an-arrow-coming-out-of-it" button and tapping to select the photos you want, then pressing the share button.

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