I'm now apart of the MBP family, what are some essentials I need?


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May 16, 2013
Kansas, USA
Also, is there a flash plugin? I'm using firefox, and when I clicked on install, it didn't find anything.

I'm using Mavericks.
Depends on what you're using it for.

-If you need an office suite you have some choices: iWork apps from Apple are free; MS Office for Mac is available, but the current version is from 2011; OpenOffice, Libre Office, etc. are free.
-Browser: You already have Firefox, so there's that. I'm not totally sure, but I'd assume you can download Adobe Flash for Firefox. You would need that if you're using Safari, but Chrome uses it's own built in version.

-Sleeve or some sort of case if you're going to be taking it places
-External hard drive depending on the size of your internal drive; Western Digital or a Time Capsule from Apple are usually the recommended options.