I'm wanting to buy a 27" iMac and I have a few questions about customizations...

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    Dec 7, 2012
    1) I saw that if you buy an iMac through the apple website you can choose various customizations, including memory, processor, storage, and graphics cards. Would these same options be available at Best Buy, and if not, at a knock-off of the Apple store? If neither of those, then if I take a 45 minute trip to my nearest Apple Store, would I be able to access these customizations there?

    2) I'm wanting to go into Graphic Design and Computer Science as my dual major in college (I'm a high school student right now), what kind of configurations should I choose for my iMac? Would 16 GB ram be a good idea? Or would that be more than needed / not enough? And should I choose the best graphics cards and processors? Finally, how much storage would I need for this?
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    As for the customizations, no. You can't just swap in a graphics card, that requires replacement of the logic board. Second question: I would max out everything that can't be upgraded later. Get a good processor and video card and it should take you through college. If needed, you can always add more RAM.
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    with my knowledge of Apple Stores and other retailers, sometimes they dont have the specific things you see so easily in the Apple Online Store. A good idea would be to have 3-5 options and call before going to the nearest Apple Store.

    About customizations, I would say, future-proofing, that you can max out the graphics card and go for the 3 TB Fusion option. In this way, you will have plenty of storage and a decent graphic card for most things. RAM can be upgraded aftermarket and not paying the hefty price Apple charges.


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