iMac 21.5” EMC 2544 Bezel Behind Glass

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    I replaced the HDD with an SSD in the iMac listed above. The installation was successful and had no problems with the physical drive, though I faced one small unfortunate problem. When I took the adhesive off the back of the display I scratched the top two corners of the bezel with my tweezers. Initially I didn’t think it was a soft material, well now I know.

    What is the black bezel made out of and can I buy the material to amend it as best as possible? All I’m wanting is to stop natural light from shining through the clear glass, I’ll have to live with the fact that it probably won’t look as seamless as the original bezel did but I think that’s my only solution.

    Black electrical tape doesn’t seem to block the light coming through but maybe it was because the tape was old or I overlooked something simple. Another option is to put black nail polish on the part that is scratched (Behind the glass of course). What are my options or should I just leave it and seal my display back up again?

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