Imac 27" 2.8Ghz I7 2x4Gb Sdram 2tb drive Ati Radeon HD 4850 experience


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Dec 8, 2009
Hi everyone,

After reading a lot on this forum, i thought i share my first Mac experience with you.
I am from Holland (Amsterdam) and i ordered my 27" Mac on the 12th of november and received it Friday 4 december.
I am a native windows user so the whole mac thing is a new experience for me.
I installed windows 7 x64 with bootcamp, took me a few times to get it right but now it works very good and very fast!
I thought i'd share my experience installing windows 7 x64 with you step by step.......

First : use the first 12 steps from here:
Untill point 12 the text:And Windows 7 will begin to install. It’s a fairly boring process, so you may want to grab yourself a cup of coffee or your beverage of choice.

After this continue with my story:

When you install windows when it's almost ready to fully install it will loop.
Windows is almost ready installing and tells you it has to start up again->
The screen will become black and the computer will start up again, and will go further installing (Which it doesn't really, it looks like it is installing but it doesn't make any further progress, just check the pogress bar...) then again the screen will become black and your computer starts up again, now (cause this is the second time it starts up again) you have to touch a key on your keyboard ( windows will ask during start up: press any key to start up from disc).Rather than running the installation again, choose the little option at the bottom to Repair your computer. Decline any suggestions that pop up until you see a list of options with Command Prompt at the bottom. Choose that option. At the Command Prompt, type DEL C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ATIKMDAG.SYS to delete the default ATI driver, then close the window and reboot. This time, Windows should successfully initialise a more appropriate display driver, allowing you into the desktop.
When you are into the desktop, windows 7 will download an update for your ATI videocard driver. Just let it install. When windows has finished installing the driver update insert your OS X disc (DO NOT LET THE DISC AUTOMATICALLY INSTALL ALL THE DRIVERS) manually look for a folder with the name:Apple
Open it and look for a folder with the name x64.
Install the drivers from this folder, except the following drivers , do not install these or windows will freeze!
Do not install: all mouse drivers, do not install all bluetooth drivers.
Now only 1 other driver you do have to install is the sound driver: Cirrus Logic sound driver, can't remember in which folder it is, but it works for x64.
Also do not install any other drivers from this cd cause for example the driver BOOTCAMP.msi will also freeze windows.
Now reboot and start up, it will automatically start up windows without asking if you wannna start up Mac or windows.
Start up again and this time a grey screen will appear, now hold the ALT key during the bootup and it will ask you which system you want to start up. Choose Mac and when you are in the system you can go to system preferences and choose which system you will automatically startup in the future.

Untill now everything works very good, no yellow, no flickering, no big problems...
The only 2 small problems i have are: no scrolling in windows for my magic mouse ( because of the driver i didn't installl), but no problem cause my mouse works fine for the other buttons.
And it takes a while before windows recognizes my mouse, it looks likes the mouse is frozen when i startup windows but after 40 seconds it recognizes it and it works.

I hope my story helps you installing :)


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May 30, 2006
So your entire experience in regards to the new iMac consists purely of a Windows 7 installation...?

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