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iMac 27 inch 2011 Another Fan issue after cpu change


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Sep 10, 2020
Hi, recently changed the cpu in my iMac 27inch 2011. after putting everything back together I have full speed fans on boot up. I am able to control this with Macs Fan Control but after reading some of the posts here I wonder if it might be down to the LCD sensor.

The iMac has had the HDD removed and an SSD added by a previous owner and when I opened up the display I noticed that here was a "sensor ?" or something partially attached to the display - see image - this is obviously something added when the SSD was added as the cabling appears to trace back into the new SSD caddy but also perhaps towards then ODD.

Can anyone give an idea if this is an LCD sensor or if not what it might be and as it was attached to the LCD panel prior how I need to reattach it to make sure it is doing whatever it was doing again



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