iMac 5, 2 Late 2006 CD Maxing the ram out (stuck at 2GB but I have made progress)

Discussion in 'iMac' started by Ryan.Epod, Apr 20, 2013.

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    Apr 20, 2013
    Hello, I'm Ryan Epod and I've basically been a fanticaul UNIX user for something like +15 years (I have a strong background in Linux as well I basically started getting into Debian Potato back when Debian was call uhm potato and a retail copy of Red Hat Linux haha those 2 OSs basically revived my interest in x86 after several rather dreadful years with Win98-ME-XP and I was rocking my first iMac around then as well (the Bondi G3) and i'm certain i'll catch some flac for this but I just wasn't really into OSX7-9 and if my memory serves me correctly my first taste of unix was netBSD & openBSD PowerPC editions so anyway thats what got me on my journary into the UNIX universe (I was a huge fan of PowerPC I finally sold my last PowerMac G5 this year DP 2.5GHz PCI-X edition had it since day one at apple till December 2012 and it never failed me nothing ever broke never broke honestly I'm still kind of sad I sold it but I always put security first and even freeBSD and Debian we're really starting to show a not just OS X lack of support but just the overall rapid decline in the PPC userbase regardless of OS I honestly say releasticly PowerPCs if for nothing else but a lack of interest/relevance have a truly Secure and usable OS in max 2 years I hung on as long as I possible could and I didn't give it up without a rather sad and painfully though rapid death. (I still own my first G4 though I saved up for literally a year to buy that thing I'd even keep my school lunch money all week then put it towards it because I was hell bent on getting the first series of PowerMac G4's the day they released and I did it's a PCI variant and everything)

    anyway I just wanted to give you guys a basic background of myself ,my skills, before I jump into this question with you
    :::::disclaimer for some reason and I honestly have no idea or understanding why but I got banned from the apple community forums it was my first and only post there never have been a member before or anything but I posted this and was banned literally 5 minutes after which is why I kind of felt inclined to give you my background,skills,and knowledge first anyway here ut goes::::::::::::::::::::::

    ok this is word for word what got be banned from apple support community I think it's legitimate progress and I'm really seeking some input and advice

    'Ok, so this is been quite a project I've been completely determined to get my iMac 5,2 over 2GB of Ram so far what I've done is
    -Disable SMBios (which has done ALOT of good things the most noticable is the improvement in the Intel GMA 950 it allows alot of updated intel kexts to run and I can tell it's removed the boot-arg "maxmememory=2017" in Lion when you load the system profile when you get to the about this mac in the system profiler it says 2?? and when you click on memory it says that there's no user installable memory which isn't the case but the initial software limiter is removed the only thing I can really think thats stopping it is the Model Indentifer "5, 2" my guess is one of the various efi frameworks is still blocking it with the indentifier I've tried flashing the rom a couple of different ways but have been unsuccessful initial I tried to the downgrade it to a 4, 1 then I was going to take it to a 5, 1 but thats cleary not going to work so now i'm thinking of using a Mac Mini indentifer I think it's the 2, 1 has nearly an intetical motherboard plus the intel GMA 950 but my recent attempts have not been successful I dunno it's a little frustating I was so sure it was gonna boot when I block the SMBIos but it did I thought that was gonna for sure do it so any ideas? I'm not worried about bricking this system the EFI is superisly resilient boot I can reflash it if some does go wrong so if you got any crazy ideas I'll try it if seems resonable.'

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    There are only three periods in that entire wall of text.
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    Apr 20, 2013
    let me know if you make any progress

    I have a coreduo 2006 17" model that I have replaced the LCD on.... and I did a brain transplant so its running an a T7600 now rather than a T2500

    basically turned it into a high end core2duo macbook pro, and the processor is now 64 bit

    but I still cant get it to handle more than 2gb of ram. it will accept 1 2gb Module in a single slot, but when I ad anything to the 2nd slot it wont post

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