iMac 800: buy now or wait Jan?


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Dec 7, 2002
ok, here i am… finally i can buy a new Mac!
i've chosen for an iMac 800 15" superdrive… it's over my financial possibilities, but with the help of my family i can do it.
but now, here's the doubt: should i buy it now, or should i wait until January for possible updates??
i would wait, but the problem is that on Jan i have to buy a car too, so i won't have extra-money to spend for a more-powerful-but-more-expensive iMac.

do you think there will be an update?
if so, will it be just a screen-size one, or will it cover also the processor speed?

please, help! i really don't know what to do


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Oct 26, 2002
Well, there is about a 90% or more chance of an iMac upgrade at MacWorld SF. I would definitely wait.

The improvements will probably be in processor speed, and there have been rumors of a 19" iMac, and the 15" iMac dropping out of production. I kind of doubt this will happen, but am almost 100% certain there will be speed boosts in January.

Besides, if you are going to buy a 15" iMac 800Mhz, no matter if it's now or January, then it will definitely be cheaper after any updates to the lineup. If the 15" are done for, and 19" iMacs premiere, then the 17" will probably drop to the 15" current price too.

Example: I bought my PowerBook G4 550Mhz shortly after the 667 & 800Mhz models came out. Saved a couple hundred dollars, and since my grandpa bought it for me, I wanted to save money wherever I could.

Anyway, I say you are best to wait until January. I would if I were you.



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Jul 16, 2002
Los Angeles
Most definitely WAIT!

You'll feel VERY dumb if you don't.............they HAVE to update this thing!

As a matter of fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they unveiled the update before MWSF, like they did with the PowerBooks...........


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Jul 22, 2002
People's Republic of Ann Arbor
MW Expo and the Consumer Line

Apple has shown an inclination to use the MacWorld Expos to showcase its consumer lines, since it is an event to which the traditional media outlets pay attention. I am waiting to see what happens on the iMac front come January, and I advise you to do the same, oeNcaM.



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Jul 1, 2002
I normally say "just dive in and buy it" when someone asks this sort of question, but it's really close now. I'd expect new imacs next month at 867 and 1GHZ. If they dump the current 15" I'd expect it to be replaced by a new 15" widescreen. I doubt if there will be a price drop but $100 less is possible--either way you'll be getting more for your money.

Personally I'd like to see new displays as well. It's beyond time. My 867 powermac is waiting impatietnly.


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Feb 8, 2002
If you're in the market for an iMac, I strongly suggest that you talk with Backtothemac.

Trust me, give him a PM and tell him what you're looking for.


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Oct 20, 2002
Malmö, Sweden
Like everyone here, I'd say wait a couple of weeks. The problem is, Apple is all too aware of everyone's expectations of an update at this MWSF. Even though I still believe they are going to update the iMac there, I think they are going to start moving away from presenting new hardware at Expos like MWSF, because they know people don't buy anything in the few weeks before. I believe that tradeshows like MWSF are going to become a way to present iApps and not hardware (and a way for ppl to get their hands on the hardware; not everyone live close to an Apple Store)...

Even so, I'd say wait !



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Mar 31, 2002
Maryland, USA
If you wait till January and have any investment in Mac OS 9 software you will need to worry about upgrading all that software. Secondly, anything released in January you'd probably want to wait 3 or 4 months on to find out what bugs are found by users and let Apple iron out those bugs with firmware updates. Now one reason to wait till January would be to get a current model at closeout prices the day before Macworld. But then again that is subject to supply, and your not feeling at all squeemish about not having the latest and greatest. The iMac as it stands today is a great machine in both 800 Mhz configurations.

Apple offers 6 months same as cash at their store if you want to buy today. Don't know how long that offer lasts.
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