iMac (Early 2009) and Mac mini (Early 2009) Benchmarks

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Mar 4, 2009.

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    Those are pretty discouraging scores for apples new line up =/
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    We'll see how they run on Snow Leopard I guess.
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    Not if you are semi-literate.

    The key quote from the piece is:
    The main upgrade of the Mac minis is in the video card and that is completely ignored by the Geekbench tests. I'm waiting for the Macworld benchmarks that include video-intensive tests to pass judgment. I'll wager that the video upgrade for the mini will show a significant improvement.
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    Well fortunately for most apple users, very few power applications take advantage of GPU acceleration.
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    Mac Mini 09 Graphics Perfomance

    First Post :)

    I have one of the new Mac Minis. The new Nvidia GPU is much better than the Intel one it replaced. The Apple claims of 5x faster appear to be true.

    My mini has 2GB of Ram and the standard 2.0Ghz Intel P7350 Processor

    Here are some of the scores :

    3Dmark 06 (In Windows XP) : System: 1972
    SM 3.0: 731 (Graphics Hardware)

    PassMark (In Windows XP) : Overall : 487.7
    2D Graphics: 511.9
    3D Graphics: 152.1

    Xbench (OSX) : Overall : 126.55
    Quartz Graphics Test : 171.62
    OpenGL Graphics Test : 133.34

    This puts the graphics capabilites in-line between an ATI-2400XT and an ATI-2600Pro found in the last iMac iteration. The integrated graphics does eat some RAM, it indicates an allotment of 512mb, but free RAM is 1792? The lowest scoring portion in all the test was the hard drive. Upgrading to a faster unit is supposed to do wonders (SSD if you have the $).

    A score of 1500 is generally considered the minimum to do blue-ray playback, video editing/encoding and to do light duty gaming. Basically this adds a whole new depth to this machine, giving it capabilities it did not have before.

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