Imac frozen with recovery disk in drive.HEPL PLZ

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    Sep 28, 2014
    Hello I never had an apples pc before owing the iPad since the first release I thought iMac runs ios same as the iPads. Ok that's just to let you know how clueless I am ..I bought a used iMac with mountain lion 10.6 on it when I went to update to maverick I rsn in to the "not enough space error " that was common at the time. So I read and asked around and found I need the disk , disk!i owned no disk so I bought parted magic recovey disk, great from what I read recover as OS ok Pop it in and now I have Linux , ??? So I'm puzzled it tried for weeks to learn the procedure, mount this, delete that , add a flash. I would do what I could but never learned how to get my Mac back to normal I just wanted to wipe it , simple I heard. Long story short I used Linux (part frustration and part too busy) Linux was like window I know MS so it was ok till 3 days ago I don't know what happened but it starts up get to a certain point a pnd freezes please np help me get this disk out and wipe I'm drive to 10.8 then maverick. Please I'm about to toss this out my window. Many thanks for your time. Hope some kind soul saves me from losing my mind once again many thanks
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    Power it down. Unplug it just to be sure.

    Put the plug back in.

    Now, press the power-on button.
    At the same time, hold down the mouse button (left button if there are two) and KEEP HOLDING IT DOWN.
    Does the DVD eject from the drive?

    My suggestion is that you stay with 10.6 for now, and don't think about upgrading further until you are familiar with Mac basics.

    If it's an older Mac with an internal hard drive, it will probably run slower with Mavericks in any case.

    If you want to upgrade, I recommend Mountain Lion (10.8.5) as the better option.

    My opinion only, and others will tell you differently...
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    What year model iMac is this? If it is on this list or newer, you can hold command-option-r at boot to get to Internet Recovery. From there you can use Disk Utility to erase the entire disk to Mac OS Extended (Journaled) format then reinstall OS X.

    That will get you the OS X version that came from the factory. From there if you want you can access the App Store to download and install Mavericks over top of the existing OS X version.

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