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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by bellis1, Nov 26, 2004.

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    Feb 9, 2003
    Alright, I thought I loved my iMac. But, on about my 4th week I've started to have some problems. First, my screen just seems to be dimmer than it was originally. I searched the threads and read of others problems and possible fixes. I hope not to go through all of that. iMac G5 owners if you use F-keys (F14/15) for screen dimming and you lower it all the way will the screen go completely black (like on a powerbook) or is the screen just slighty dimmer than the highest brighness setting? Additionally, I have had a half a dozen freezes (the fan goes on high everytime this happens) in the past week. I am hoping it is being caused by one of three things: my current airport network (base station & exprss) which needs resetting almost daily (cordless is 900 Hz), Acquisition software, or Quicksilver software. Any ideas?


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    bellis1, the screen will not dimm all the way to black as the powerbooks. I know this since I also had an iMac G5 and inquired about it through Apple. However if you put the screen in "sleep mode" the screen will go black.

    if you put the computer to "sleep mode" the computer power button in front of the mac will have a white light throb.

    if you put your computer in "stand-by mode" the screen will go black and the white light will stay solid white.

    This is all normal. I find the screens on the 17 inch and 20 inch way to bright for my eyes. It gives me a headache even when it is dimmed to the lowest setting. I would love if I could dim the screen totally black manually like the powerbooks however that is the way it is.

    I also wished the white light was not that bright and if it was the Apple logo that had a white back light to it, with the same stand-by and sleep light setting. <--- My preference. :)

    The freezing you are having is either related to the 10.3.6 OS update, or the system is overheating. Call Apple support about this, it could be something else that is corrupted, call Apple for more about it.

    In regards to WiFi signal strength, I know some and I do say some people have said they have had signal strength problems, again it could just be a defect. Call Apple.

    Other than that I hope you get prompt action for your iMac G5 problems. :)
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    Feb 17, 2003

    I've got a few. I might be mistaken, but isn't Acquisition a Java app? If it is, it might be causing the freezes. Also, it might very well be that you have a broken RAM chip there (or the ram just doesn't work fine on your computer for some reason, just like radeon 9600 has problems on some computers that have exactly the same specs as the ones where they work fine).. They rarely show up on hardware test.

    I really don't think the freezing is caused by your airport. the reason you have to reset it might very well because of your computer that freezes. I had some freezes on my PMG5 because of azureus (not anymore because the app was updated) and most of the times when this happened, my adsl router kind of crashed too. I had to reset it every time this happened.

    But yes, call Apple. They should know better than us.
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    Dec 2, 2004
    Yes, call apple, and post what they tell you, that would be great for the forum!

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