iMac out of supply!


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Oct 24, 2001
I went to purchase a iMac 600 from my university bookstore and after I found out they were out, I asked when they would be 'in stock.' I was told that the bookstore wasn't going to be getting any more in and that they expected new design iMacs 'soon.' Without much detail about what soon meant. I asked about the 700 and the 500 then, out of stock on everything. Nothing has been ordered, nothing is coming in. This came from the Apple buyer of the bookstore. I could have special ordered one, or bought one of the displays, but thought that since they weren't going to be getting any in and there is MacWorld London coming up in November, maybe I should wait.

What do you guys think? Is it too late for Christmas? LCD iMAC?


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Oct 17, 2001
It certainly looking like it. Apple is on the move,first new portable, then iPod, and perhapse new iMAc. I feel they are clearing room to do a big boom with the G5 due come out in the next few month.


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Oct 17, 2001
I don't know...

The Apple Store still shows the iMacs as shipping in 1 day


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Oct 25, 2001
Minot, North Dakota
Don't hold your breath

Apple won't be releasing new iMacs anytime soon, they are merely closing out old inventory for a major revision of the iMac in January, in which IBM's new PowerPC will be implemented. This chip is quite possibly the best PowerPC Processor ever made, and its coming in an iMac (or so we can only hope).


Jul 9, 2000
if the new ibm chip comes in the imac, i hope it becomes available for other macs, too...if it truly is as good or better than the G4

but if not and it's just a faster G3 chip still meant to be in the consumer market portion of macs, then i hope they also come out with a new design chip for the ibook (which they will eventually do i hope)

the pc laptops are going to 1.3 GHz and i have to admit, i don't know if i will replace my ibook and compaq pc laptop (which is not as good as the ibook) with a new ibook or a pc laptop that is very fast

...but a 1 GHz ibook sometime next year would seal the deal for me (even if the pc world comes out with a 2 GHz laptop) since i know MHz for MHz, macs are definitely faster not to mention the better OS now that 10.1 is out and the reviews and feedback have been great

i do like windows xp better than other versions of windows, but i wonder where microsoft got their xp ideas from???


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Aug 3, 2001
I can only hope that whats happening, is exactly like what they did for the Ti and the iBook. Still hope the G5 comes out in 2002


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Jul 31, 2001
San Luis Obispo, CA
You've got to think about how many iMacs they probably have in warehouses right now. All that anticipation for the start of the school year and things didn't go too well. They are probably preparing for an upgrade, but I wouldn't expect it any time soon. Maybe we'll see something small at London, but my bet is January for LCD iMacs and ...(dramatic pause)... the G5!
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