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Apr 12, 2001
Appleinsider reposted their previous story regarding upcoming Flat-panel iMacs:
The new iMac will continue the convenience of the All in One design that the current model holds, but in a significantly sexier manner. Based around a 15” TFT Flat-Panel display, running at a native resolution of 1024x768, the new iMac will closely resemble the current 15” Apple Studio Display from many angles. However, the enclosure will be thicker (so as to accommodate the extra bulk of computer internals), and constructed with more robust, scratchproof materials similar in texture and finish to the iBook.

Submitted by Adolfo


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Nov 22, 2001
I dont think there is much scope to have a radically different shape for the new iMac!! How many different ways can you arrange a flat panel + Other computer components!!

Simon Liquid

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Jul 4, 2001

Since when is the iBook finnish 'scratchproof.' From what I have heard and seen, one of the major complaints is how easy it is to scratch the iceBooks.


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Jul 16, 2001
ibook is definitely not scratchproof. I'm pretty careful with mine, and in the right light it looks like it's been in the back seat of my car rattling around.


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Jan 2, 2001
Metairie, LA
maybe the older iBook

Possibly the older iBook was scratch-resistant....but I've seen the newer ones on display and I wouldn't buy that it's scratch-resistant....


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Nov 6, 2001

I used to LOVE Appleinsider for updates on rumors. Ever since they never updated their site regularly for a while, I went on a research of other sites... (this one for example, MOSR).

I really hope it does get launched at Macworld San Francisco! Cause i'll be attending the expo at that time! (I live in Switzerland but is originally american)


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Jul 18, 2001

...few iMacs on display at the Apple stores? We display every iMac that is for sale; 4 different models. And they are all in stock. There is no guarantee AT ALL Apple will release a new iMac in January. The only thing that propells this rumor is our desire for something new.


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Nov 28, 2001
icube or imac either iwant with ipod?

the nnew imac will simply be the cube reborn, smaller lighter and cooler 800-1000 mhz G3, dvd/dvd-cdrw
999-1299. if this is true ill buy one. know when will the g3-g4 upgraders start selling upgrades faster than the 500Mhz they have been stuck on for the last 3Years!!!! my old PM 7500 wants to play too, its got a lot a life left in it


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Nov 29, 2001
Yokohama Japan
no need to release a TFT iMac

I think apple should release a G3 Cube insted of a TFT iMac from about $650, and keep selling the old entry iMac at $700.


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Oct 25, 2001
yes, other G3 cube supporters!

The G3 cube is the IDEAL iMac!

Give me a 1Ghz, G3 cube that starts under $700. And make the iMac version(s) of the screen modular and detachable. 15" & 17" available, with a cable available to upgrade to a cinema display.

That machine would hit the iMac spot and fill that missing middle ground that so many of us fit into.


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Dec 6, 2001
This LCD-iMac thread prompted me to register with these guys, plus the frequent use of the word "retard" in some of the posts.


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Apr 26, 2001
You suck

Yes the G3 cube would be nice. But dont price it to compete with a consumer machine like the imac. It lacks any marketing sense.


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Dec 8, 2001
iMac for schools only?!

Awww c'mon SPG... I am a PROFESSIONAL web developer and prgrammer and my machine of choice is the iMac. Sure, occasionally, I whine a little about screen real estate, but the 333mHz G3 is fast enough (even in OSX running classic apps like Fireworks and Dreamweaver) and my desk is tidy because it only needs two wires to the wall.

The iMac is not a Kid's computer!



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Nov 12, 2001
At last!

Someone (porkchop) telling something I've ever thought. The iMac is a powerfull (with enough memory) machine. Apple doesn't need a speed boost in their processors (only for a marketing thing). The necessary boost is in software and internal architecture (a 66 ATA IDE?! My God!), and maybe the G4 (MacOSX NEEDS it) in every machine, but 200 Mhz aren´t gonna change something.


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Oct 23, 2001
An ideal world...

At an "ideal" Mac World San Francisco...

1. The G5 PowerMacs are rolled out 1 GHz and up.
2. The G5 Powerbook is hinted, Apollo G4 upgrade meanwhile.
3. All iMacs are revved up to cheaper G4s at existing iMac speeds so all iMacs have Altivec at 500 Mhz or more.
4. iMacs all get LCD screens (except some cheapy closet model kept around for educational institutes who want things dirt cheap).
5. Apple introduces a new Apple Pro Optical Mouse with Scroll Wheel. Simultaneously, Apple Works also has scroll wheel compatibility for once.
6. Adobe shows off the finally completed OS X PhotoShop and offers free upgrade to all existing PhotoShop 6 owners.
7. Apple announces a stand-alone Firewire connected inkwell pad so that Mac users can use handwriting to make notes, order online, or run macros to open programs etc (much like applications on a Palm Pilot) compatible with all FireWire OS X equipped Macs. A new Apple Pro keyboard is rolled out as a BTO option which has the inkwell built in.
8. FireWire II (800 Mbps) is introduced and gigabit ethernet on all models.
9. Airport is ramped up to the 22 Mbps spec.
10. SuperDrive is introduced to the Power Books and newly Alti-vec equipped iMacs as a BTO.

Now, that having been said, if even just 4 out of those 10 things happen, I'll be pretty happy that Apple is making lots of progress. Am I dreaming? Perhaps.. but like all dreams, there's a little truth somewhere.


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Apr 26, 2001
Thank you xapplishitic, that was a waste.
Yes you are dreaming.

Although some of those things could appear. But no G5s, flat apnel imacs yet.
Firewire 2 is very probable.


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May 12, 2001
is it me?

Spikey, is it me or has macrumors become boring? I mean, it just seems like yesterday (i.e the months of June-August) where arguments flared and personalities were destroyed(i.e JOhn123). I think we have literally dissolved him.


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Apr 26, 2001
Unfortunately yes. Im afraid the only thing we have left to celebrate is nostalgia. Sad really.

None of the new characters on here know how to debate, they take what you say out of context, they are too happy, they think words which contain more than 3 syllables makes them sound clever, and they use these words to hide the lack of content in the piles of cum they call posts.
That and the fact that even if you beat them into the ground they just repeat what they have already said.

Its f***ing pathetic.

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