iMac, the work of copycats!


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Dec 30, 2001
:eek: I donno but these pictures are supposed to have been on the internet for about 6 months!

Made by as webdesigner named Vincent Jeunejean from Belgium.
What do you guys think?



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Apr 9, 2001
I saw these, and the Wired article about it... (,2125,49612,00.html )

Basically, the article annoyed me....

This guy posted this picture on the web, spread it everywhere, emailed Apple about it.... and then now:

"At first I was surprised of course," he said when he saw pictures of the new iMac on Monday. "I did not believe it. It's quite frustrating. I feel I've been copied and there's nothing in return."


1) There are thousands of revisions of the iMac in various concept shots around on the web... it's impossible that the new iMac would look nothing like any of them

2) this guy posted these images for all to see, sent them to Apple - now is unhappy that they used a design similar to it?

First, I think he should stop flattering himself... I doubt Apple did copy them... and secondly... he has nothing to complain about... he spread that photo far and wide.... finally - it takes a ton more work to fit the hardware into that spce than just drawing some sketches one day out of boredom



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Dec 25, 2001
I think you're wasting space. Just like wired did with their article on this joke. These 3rd grade sketches hardly qualify as the inspiration for the new iMac. Since the design principle of Apple is simple, it was only a matter of time, with the inundation of mock-ups, that someone would put a square with a circle. You know, in a way this computer looks like an iMac too. They must have ripped these guys off as well... :rolleyes:



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Jan 1, 2002
california, usa
devil's advocate

i agree with everyone on this, but let me play devil's advocate for a second

any mention of a spere or round computer from apple on these forums met with a lot of resistance and the design is not one i have seen or heard as a popular concept

it is funny that he took such an unpopular design and posted it on the internet six months before the apple release of the imac "2"


pick a side

this guy claims in a way that the step to the hemi-sphere was obvious given how well he 'knows these guys'. if all he was doing was calling their shot, which is what he claims, then how can he accuse them of doing anything other than moving their idea forward?

I mean, I hate to criticize this enthusiast, but at the same time, he needs to either claim it was revolutionary and they stole the idea (which is doubtful) or exactly what he did claim, that he knows apple and guessed this would be their next move.


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Dec 30, 2000
2 years ago design

I'm sorrry to make and hard hearted comments but Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive designed the iMac 2 years ago. I don't think Apple could even create a computer from a mock up design in less than 6 months working from those 3rd grade pictures..

And damm I love the iMac


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Dec 6, 2001
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Yeah, so what

So he did a coupla sketches- big deal. I swear, with all the mock ups people did, it would be impossible for apple to come out with an iMac that DIDNT resemble one of them. His was the worst I saw anyway. If he would have been really serious about keeping his idea his own, then he should have done a really nice illustrated mock-up, and copyrighted it.

As it is, he is bitching about his own mistakes, and making the Homer 'Doh.' If I were him, I would just shut up so people would quit making fun of him for being such a dumb-ass.


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Jan 9, 2002
Austin, TX
How do we know that Apple did indeed create the new iMac by themselves?

Maybe some aliens from another galaxy traced the location of steves reality distortion field, and brought him this new iMac 2 years ago.

Maybe it just took 2 years to get Mac OS to run on this alien hardware.

Maybe I sold steve the new iMac.

Maybe I'm an alien.

Maybe I'll just shut up now :D

Seriously, the idiot who drew those pics should be dumped with giligan's island, so we never have to put up with him.

On another note, I got bored one day, and drew up an all-in-one Mac, that resembled the original iMac! Seriously, I did. It just resembled it, though, no smooth curves, or colors, but it was the same basic idea, but hey, anyone could slap together something that looks like the old iMac and still make it beige (Not to mention any names... MjeIseKqaEcnDpoEbnLswL)



It is funny that you say that seeing how the new iMac has obviously been in design and production for longer then a year. JACK ASS!!!!


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Jun 5, 2001
Miami Beach
my thoughts

Big deal. Isn't US a counrty where I can suit everyone for everything and get probalbly thru with it. Well if the guy really did came up with this 6 month ago he should suit apple. then we'll only know the truth.

But i really don't care about it. this mac looks cool. is fast and cheap as hell. damn, i can't wait for the towersssssss:)


That reminds me....

When I was 5 years old (1972) I drew a rectangle. I think that may have been the inspiration for the PC. I better check with my attorney...


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Jan 2, 2001
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I think this guy is just trying to get some attention. I seriosly doubt that Jobs stole the idea for his own after reading the TIME article. According to it, Ive had a plastic model of a revised iMac and Jobs later sketched another rendition and here we are 2 years later...

it's a shame that there are people in this world who have to manipulate and lie to get their way.....and I feel this guy's sketches just adds to the truth of it...:rolleyes:


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Dec 19, 2001
Originally posted by GigaWire
You know, in a way this computer looks like an iMac too. They must have ripped these guys off as well... :rolleyes:

It is just not right to say that looks like an iMac. It looks like Dumbo the Computer.