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Discussion in 'Hardware Rumors' started by Fredman Jr., Jan 9, 2002.

  1. Fredman Jr. macrumors newbie

    Jan 8, 2002
    I have been holding out on buying a Mac for a few months now hoping I would see some new towers at this MacWorld. I was looking at the mid range QuickSilvers before the expo but am now in a toss up between it and the top of the line iMac.

    I have a couple questions...
    1)Does this video mirroring allow me to hook up my 19" CRT monitor and use it?
    2)If so, can I use it at higher resolutions than 1024x768?
    3)I have 512MB of RAM in my G4 right now. Will one of the 256MB chips work in the iMac(its 133mhz RAM)

    These are the drawbacks I'm facing. I will be keeping my G4 350mhz only if I go for the iMac(otherwise I will have to sell it to get money). If I keep it and have the iMac I can set up a small render farm(very small) and therefore render faster. Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. chrismear macrumors newbie


    Jan 5, 2002
    Not sure about the RAM, but:

    Video mirroring means that the external monitor displays EXACTLY THE SAME as what is on the iMac's built-in screen. This means that the external monitor runs at the same resolution as the built-in screen.

    So, yes, you can hook up your 19" CRT, but you will not be able to go above 1024x768, as this is the max resolution of the built-in screen.

    And also, it won't be an extended desktop (e.g. 2048x768). You'll just get two displays of the same 1024x768 desktop.

    Hope this helps!
  3. evildead macrumors 65816


    Jun 18, 2001
    WestCost, USA

    I have a fealing that the RAM will work. The last iMac started useing the full size DIMS so ... I bet this one will to. My Rev-A iMac did not. It used the smaller PowerBook RAM. Pain in the ass and 2x as expensive (at the time)

    If you want the PCI slots that you get from your current G4... you may want to wait and see what the next generation of Towers is going to look like. I bet that Apple will put something else out soon in the Tower department.

    The extra monitor...

    Fredman Jr. is right. If you were looking for dual monitors and a one giant desktop.. you need to get a G4 tower with the TwinBrige Vid Card. (i think thats what they are called) Or get an extra PCI Video card. The TwinBrige has one Apple connector and one VGA. 32MB RAM for each output. Not too bad.
  4. Gregory macrumors member

    Oct 1, 2001
    Detroit, MI
    Just Wait Until the Next Keynote, remeber how apple works, the first a year keynote for the past couple of years has been imacs, and the 2nd keynote has been power macs, just wait 3 months and they will release a new power mac tower. . .
  5. Fredman Jr. thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jan 8, 2002

    "Depending on your iMac model, you can select additional SDRAM up to 768MB. The new iMacs have memory preinstalled in an internal slot. A second, easily accessible SO-DIMM slot is also available for adding more RAM later."

    What is an "SO-DIMM" slot? This was taken from the Apple Store.
  6. macmunch macrumors regular

    Jan 6, 2002
    No I think he can connect a 19" CRT and take resolutions about 1024x768 because de VGA out is controlled by the Geforce chip and these Geforce can manage till 2048x1280.


  7. britboy macrumors 68030


    Nov 4, 2001
    Kent, UK
    the so-dimm slot is the ram slot in the base of the imac. It's the same type of memory as used by the powerbooks (dunno about the ibooks, but probably the same). It's a smaller size ram module. That means that if you're trying to keep the ram from your older g4 then it's not going to fit in the new iMac. Sorry.

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