iMac: when&what? + lap- kills desktop, no

Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by IngoB, Jan 8, 2003.

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    Dec 22, 2002
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    Well, well, laptos replacing desktops - hmm? I don't think so. I mean, I do have a laptop and I have occasionally worked on it for a day. After that I need a massage because my shoulders are so cramped... :mad: The only way in which a laptop could replace a desktop for me is by buying one of those laptop stands which will bring it to eye level plus a full keyboard plus a mouse. Add that to the already steep price tag and you can pretty much forget about it in comparison to a desktop. Is anybody here seriously working (or playing...) on a laptop for hours except on the road?

    If Apple had wanted to be truly innovative, they should have invented a laptop that can be split in pieces physically (keyboard, mousepad, screen, main body) and then form with an extra monitor stand a real desktop at home. When you want to travel, you just plug everything back together. Then we could truly forget about desktops, until then we need both.

    I thought the spin SJ put on their laptop vs. desktop sales was hillarious. Apple is selling more laptops than desktops compared to competitors, simply because their desktop hardware is not keeping up with the competition whereas the laptops are still doing OK. So, I'm still waiting for something being done with regards to the iMac. What will now happen to that machine and when? Of all that "new" technology presented, what will be included? And will we get a decent speed bump and a better bus? :confused:

    As a potential "switcher" I really have to say that the only major thing Apple has going for it is OS X and its apps. Since I have both lots of experience with Unix/Linux systems at Uni as well as the usual "argh, I hate every second of using it, but for most stuff one needs it" experience with Windows, I would clearly be delighted to switch to something that has a Unix backbone, a neat GUI and lots of "commercial" software.

    It's funny how everybody is so pleased about this "great keynote". Hey, if Apple was a software developer for the Wintel word, this keynote would maybe mark the beginning of the end of Microsoft (and there was much rejoicing...). But they are not, they are selling a hardware+software package. You are not going to get many more desktop switchers without better hardware.

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