imac won't read CDs at all

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by FredAkbar, Sep 16, 2004.

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    Jan 18, 2003
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    Today I put a CD-RW into my iMac G4 (SuperDrive), and nothing happened whatsoever; the drive didn't spin up, no error message, nothing. I opened Disk Utility and it didn't show the CD or the drive on there. I tried it with another disc (my SimCity 4 CD) and got the same results. I restarted (with the CD-RW in the drive) but it still has shown no sign of spinning up the CD drive to read the thing. It was working fine when I burned a CD-RW (a different one) a few days ago. Has anyone experienced this, or know of a fix? Luckily the computer is insured via AppleCare, in case there's a serious hardware problem.

    update: I called AppleCare, and after unplugging various things and resetting the firmware, it still isn't showing any signs of life, so I'll take it to the local Apple reseller whenever I get around to it.
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    Sounds like you're SuperDrive died on you. :( If it doesn't spin up at all it's probably dead. Unfortunately, on the iMac you have, you cannot take it apart without voiding your AppleCare warranty. I'd call Apple and see if they have any solutions for you. If they don't then you'll probably have to take it to your nearest Apple Certified Service Center. If you have an Apple Retail Store near by then I'd definitely take it there before I'd take it anywhere else.

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